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2.Industrial fittings, elements and units
3.Drives and controls for pumps and industrial fittings, elements and units
4.Sealings for pumps and industrial fittings
6.Compressed air
7.Electric machines and devices and their elements
7.1.Electric motors and current generators (electric motors,generators, direct and alternating current starters and generators, etc,)
7.2.Servo-motors (servo-motors, electric lifts, etc.)
7.3.Transformers and electromagnets (transformers, bells, buzzers, couplings, etc.)
7.4.Thermoelectric units (heating elements, resistance wires etc.)
7.5.Casings and casts
7.6.Insulation elements
7.7. Other elements and  components
8.Conduits and connectors
8.1.Conduits (special conduits, signalling and telecommunication conduits, optical fibres, etc.
8.2.Connectors (control push-buttons, switches, contactors, relays, plugs, holders, etc.)
9.Steering and control
9.1.Steerings and regulators (thermoregulators, output governor, speed governor, industrial steerings, etc.)
9.2.Meters and measuring instruments (power meters,voltmeters, ammeters, resistance meters, capacity meters, frequency meters, time recorders, etc.)
9.3.Sensors and detectors (temperature sensors, rotary sensors, position sensors, etc.)9.4.Other measuring elements instruments and control devices (indicators, pilot lamps, sound signalling devices, etc.)
10.Accessories for automatic systems and their elements
10.1. Semiconductor elements (processors, integrated circuits, thyristors, diodes, etc.)10.2.Other elements of automatic systems (resistors, potentiometers, coils, condensers, printed circuits, etc.)
11.Analogue and digital technology
11.1.Generators and power suppliers (signal generators,uibration generators, modulators, power suppliers, etc.)
11.2.Stabilising systems and filters (rectifying systems, stabilising systems,  filters etc.)11.3.Amplifiers and converters (signal amplifiers, analogue and digital converters, etc.)
11.4.Computer systems (aiding systems, complex systems, etc.)
11.5.Other systems (transmitters, cameras, radars, radionavigation, etc.
12.Professional organizations and institutions
13.Professional publications
14.Professional software

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